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Fondée en 1983 T Tech propose une gamme complete de système de fraisage pour PCB vous permettant de realiser vos prototypes de circuits en quelques heures.

Quick Circuit...Design it this morning, and test this afternoon!

Quick Circuit protoyping systems mill away unwanted copper creating your circuit board by leaving pads and traces. Quickly produce accurate circuit board prototypes directly from your CAD package's data. Import Gerber, DXF, and Excellon files. Drill, mill, and route traces and spaces as fine as 0.004".

Quick Circuit is the perfect solution for producing analog, digital, or RF/microwave prototypes. Quick Circuit systems offer a variety of options including; automatic tool change and automatic depth control, 24K-100K spindle speeds, a wide range of table sizes, electronic, pneumatic, or stepper motor controlled Z-axis, non-contact pressure foot, fiducial recognition, and 4 quadrant vacuum table.

Multi-Layer Systems

T-Tech’s Multi-Layer PCB prototyping equipment provides engineers withacomplete multi-layer solution to address 4, 6, and 8 layer multi-layer requirements in-house.